Meet the Farmers

At Sozo Coffee, our direct relational approach is more than a transaction, it's about forging strong and rewarding partnerships with coffee farmers. This ensures top-quality, sustainable coffee and also supports the communities it comes from. Through these close connections, we're able to share the stories and impact behind each cup with you​.


Elias and Shady Bayter

Our farm El Vergel, is on the slopes of the snowy mountains of el Ruiz, an inactive volcano that has created some of the most nutrient rich soil for planting, covering almost 300 hectares, El Vergel is one of the most and oldest traditional single estates of the region.

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Abana Coffee/Omran family

Abana means “Our Father” in arabic paying homage to the deep roots and heritage of arabica coffee in Ethiopia. Abana Coffee Farm was started by the Omran family in 2009 and they have focused on 3 key areas: Coffee quality, environmental sustainability, and community improvement.

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Orlando Lemus

His coffee: yellow catuai and grown at 5000 ft. This medium bodied coffee has a wonderful bouquet of flower notes in the beginning with dark chocoalte and a cherry finish.

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