Elias and Shady Bater - Colombia

Location:  Tolima, Colombia

Coffee:  Colombia Decaf

Altitude:  Spanning the majestic slopes of the snowy mountains of el Ruiz

Characteristics:  Nutrient-rich soil, 300 hectares of pure coffee paradise

Unraveling the Beginning

Our farm is located in the beautiful Departament of Tolima spanning across the mountains in Colombia, specifically located in the town of Fresno. The country of Colombia boasts 11 different altitudes, each containing a unique flavor profile, that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

Nourished by Volcanic Soil

Our farm El Vergel, is on the slopes of the snowy mountains of el Ruiz, an inactive volcano that has created some of the most nutrient rich soil for planting, covering almost 300 hectares, El Vergel is one of the oldest traditional single estates of the region.

A Family Legacy

Our story began in this region in 1995, when it started as an avocado farm by the fathers of Shady & Elias Bayter, where they took their first steps into the amazing world of agriculture. In 2012, they decided to plant coffee around some of their micro lots, which in 2016 ended up changing the whole farm into coffee.

Nurturing Coffee Culture

As stated by the Bayter family: “This coffee world is so passionate that it doesn’t even feel like working anymore for us”. In 2016, they started a varietals program in the highest part of their farm with Gesha, Java, Pacamara, Red Borbon, Laurina and Caturra. Since then, they have been focused on getting expertise in processing, where each and every green coffee bean is single-origin, hand-picked, and carefully inspected by one of our tenured pickers. 

Sustainable Quality

We go through great lengths to only produce the finest yields from our crops for coffee roasters around the world, and to keep providing a better and more sustainable way of growing coffee for all the producers in Colombia.