Join the SoZo Coffee Roasting Team!

We’re on the lookout for enthusiastic, coffee-loving individuals to join our team at SoZo Coffee Roasting!

Why Work With Us?

Imagine starting your day surrounded by the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, chatting with regulars who know you by name, and crafting delicious drinks that put a smile on someone’s face. Sounds awesome, right? At SoZo Coffee Roasting, we don’t just make coffee – we create experiences.

Step 1: Cashier Training

Take Orders & Serve Goodies   
Start as a Cashier and dive into the heart of our café culture. You’ll master the art of taking orders, serving up bagels and pastries, and ensuring every customer leaves happy.

Know Our Community   
Get to know our wonderful customers by name and learn their favorite drinks – you’ll soon be a beloved part of their daily routine.

Step 2: Barista Training

Pull Perfect Espresso Shots  Once you’re comfortable, the real fun begins. Learn the secrets of crafting the perfect espresso shot every time.

Craft Cold Brew  Master the refreshing art of cold brew coffee.
Pourover Perfection:  Become a pro at making some of the finest pourovers in Michigan.

If this sounds like your cup of coffee (or espresso, or cold brew…), we’d love to meet you!

Join us in our mission to save good people from bad coffee – one cup at a time. See you soon!