Wilmer Maldonado - Honduras

Location: Cangual, San Juan Intibucá, Honduras

Altitude: 1700-1825 meters above sea level

Coffee: High-quality Arabica beans

Flavor Profile:  Example- Elegant floral notes, deep chocolate richness, and a delightful cherry finish

A Tale of Tradition

Nestled in the hills of Azacualpa Valle, Santa Barbara, Wilmer Maldonado's coffee journey began at the tender age of 6. Under the watchful eye of his grandfather, he learned the art of coffee cultivation, from planting to harvest and the delicate process of pulping. But it was the arduous treks on horseback, through rain and mud, to deliver their precious beans to Villanueva, Cortes, that left an indelible mark on young Wilmer's heart.

Battered but Unbroken

The year 1998 brought Hurricane Mitch, wreaking havoc on 70% of Honduras' crops… and Wilmer's dreams. His farm, his sanctuary, collapsed. In ruins his land was no longer suitable to grow coffee. Faced with the daunting task of rebuilding, Wilmer sought work afar. Spending 8 1/2 long years away from the land he loved, Wilmer worked in restaurants, food manufacturers, and nurseries far from his wife and children across borders. Finally he saved enough and was able to go back home to Cangual, determined to breathe life back into his coffee haven.

Guardian of the Land

Today in the village of Cangual, his farm is nestled in the hills of San Juan Intibucá, resting 1700-1825 meters above sea level. Wilmer tends to his 20-acre paradise with a deep sense of reverence. His wife oversees the washing and drying process, and hopes that his kids will someday continue the family journey on their own. Under fertile conditions, this is where Wilmer produces high quality Arabica coffee beans and is able to relive the dream his grandfather encouraged in his life. 

The Pursuit of Excellence

Recognized by the Honduran Cup of Excellence for its exceptional quality, Wilmer's coffee journey took a new turn. Eager to refine his craft, he sought guidance from IHCAFE and joined forces with Mountain Berry Imports. Together, they craft micro-lots of single-origin specialty coffee, each cup a tribute to the land Wilmer calls home.

Savor the Story

Wilmer extends a heartfelt invitation to experience his coffee firsthand. With each sip, you taste the sweat and toil of generations, the resilience of a nation, and the vibrant flavors of Honduras. Try "La Casona," Wilmer's sanctuary of flavors, and discover the magic that goes into every cup.

More to Discover:

Unique Care:  Each bean, lovingly handpicked, carries the essence of Honduras' rich coffee heritage. Wilmer's coffee dances on the palate with a symphony of floral notes, decadent chocolate undertones, and a tantalizing cherry finish.

Working with Family:  During picking season, Wilmer includes each one of his workers into his family circle which is highly appreciated by them. In turn he observes happy pickers, enjoying their work in the farm and engaged in keeping with the high-quality processes that Wilmer has established.

Community Impact:  Supporting Wilmer's farm is a commitment to sustainable practices and community empowerment. Wilmer’s "La Casona" promises not just coffee, but an immersive journey into the heart of Honduras' coffee culture.

SoZo Coffee Roasting proudly stands alongside Wilmer, championing his passion and celebrating Honduras' coffee legacy.