Alex Illescas - Guatemala

Country:  Guatemala

Region:  Cuidad Vieja, near Antigua

Zone/County Seed/District: N/A

Altitude/Elevation:  4,600 ft

Characteristics/Species:  Bourbon

Flavor Profile:  Syrupy body, candied pecan, dark cherry, woodsy finish

Farmer History

At age 29, Alex Illescas stands as a testament to the rich legacy of his family. A fourth-generation coffee farmer, he carries within him the spirit of innovation and tradition. The roots of his journey trace back to his great-grandfather, a visionary who dared to dream beyond conventional farming, using beans from another farm to begin growing his own coffee in his own fields.

Coffee History

Bathed in the gentle sun of Cuidad Vieja, Alex's Bourbon beans thrive at 4,600 ft. This elevation, a departure from the norm, gifts his coffee with an exquisite bouquet of flavors—notes of candied pecan, dark cherry, and a lingering woodsy essence. Each sip is a voyage through Guatemala's lush landscapes.

About the Region

Nestled near the historic town of Antigua, Cuidad Vieja boasts a history as rich as its soil. Here, the land whispers tales of resilience and determination, echoing the spirit of its farmers. Alex's community, steeped in tradition, serves as the cradle of his coffee's journey, each bean a tribute to Guatemala's vibrant coffee culture.

Farmer and SoZo Collaboration

In February 2018, the paths of Alex Illescac and SoZo Coffee Roasting intertwined, giving way to a collaboration steeped in shared passion and purpose. Through this harmonious partnership, SoZo enriches the native community- honoring the craftsmanship of Guatemala's farmers. Alex, in turn, imparts his wisdom- guiding SoZo Coffee Roasting on a journey of discovery.

502: A Cafe Born of Passion

In the heart of Cuidad Vieja, Guatemala, lies a haven of coffee—Coffee Shop 502. It was a moment of serendipity when Rodney, with curiosity as his guide, stepped into this modern space infused with the warmth of tradition. Here, amidst the symphony of coffee aromas, Rodney found himself immersed in Alex's world, witnessing the dance of tradition and innovation. Coffee Shop 502 is not just a cafe; it's a love letter to Guatemala's coffee heritage.

Cultivating a Legacy

Alex's dedication to his craft goes beyond the fields of Cuidad Vieja. His vision of a coffee renaissance inspires hope in his community, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity. Through SoZo Coffee Roasting's involvement, the area blooms with newfound possibilities, each cup of coffee a testament to their shared journey.

Additional Insights

Beyond Borders:  Alex's quest to differentiate his coffee from the common Antiguan blend speaks of his commitment to quality and authenticity.

A Taste of Tradition:  Every bag of Alex's Bourbon beans carries the essence of his family's heritage, a blend of innovation and tradition.

Sustainability at Heart:  Through innovative farming practices, such as his unique use of altitude for flavor enhancement, Alex pioneers a new path for sustainable coffee cultivation.

Community Catalyst:  Alex's coffee farm isn't just a business—it's a heartbeat of the community, fostering unity and pride.

Crafting Excellence:  As a meticulous farmer and barista, Alex ensures that each bean meets the highest standards of quality, from crop to cup. He dreams of being a guest barista at SoZo Coffee Roasting one day!

Taste the Essence of Guatemala

Embark on a journey through Guatemala's highlands with Alex Illescac's Bourbon beans. Each sip is a symphony of flavors, a tribute to the rich legacy of Guatemala's coffee culture. SoZo Coffee Roasting celebrates Alex's craftsmanship, his commitment to quality, and the vibrant spirit of Guatemala.