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History of Sozo

In 2003, Rodney and Mindy Hensley turned their personal hobbies, roasting fresh coffee beans from start to a perfect cup finish, and feeding their growing family natural and organic foods, and turned it into a personal calling statement, now formally called Sozo Coffee Roasting & Espresso Bar. With just two children then, Rodney “roasted” for his friends and family in a ten year old Popcorn maker in his kitchen. Not surprisingly, the popper soon couldn’t keep up with the demand from fans. Sozo is now home to the most sophisticated, and eccentric – a key component to life for the Hensley’s, coffee roasting and catering equipment. Being outnumbered by their, now 4, children has given Rodney and Mindy the energy and wherewithal to continuing pursuing their passion; the FRESHEST COFFEE anywhere!

Fresh and Natural

Sozo is a coffee roasting company with a bakery cafe located in Ionia, Michigan. All coffees are hand roasted in-house. The bakery uses natural and organic ingredients to create their “made from scratch” goodies. Sozo coffee beans are being used at many coffee shops around Michigan and a grocery store. Beans are also shipped all over the United States to businesses and churches.

Great Coffees To Try

Monsooned Malabar

Heavy body, low acidity with an earthiness characteristic.

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Kelly’s Breakfast Blend

This blend has eye opening richness with a smooth body and a pleasing rich aromatic aroma.

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Guatemalan La Flor del Cafe'

This direct trade Guatemalan coffee comes from the Antigua region. It has lively acidity, a medium body, and flavors of fine chocolate.

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Beast from the East

If you like a dark roast with intense flavor and no bitter after taste, then this is the one for you. This is Sozo’s most popular dark roast.

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